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About Movahedi Tejarat Cohan MTC

Movahedi Tejarat Cohan relies on many years of experience in importing exporting supplying and distributing chemicals and meeting the needs of your domestic and foreign factories to help you meet real need .                                                                               

To assist esteemed factories , if need to improve production conditions , where appropriate , consulting and information services to replace goods or any other need in the manufacturing sector , including guidance , suggestions and administrative services to facilitate the supply of goods such as proforma or link to monitor imported or exported goods to dear costumer , can be done by this collection . 

MTC and Future

Given the growing trend of production and technology in the world and the increasing speed of its growth in Iran , and on the other hand the increasing need for chemicals and their position in the Iranian manufacturing industry we are committed to providing comprehensive support to sectors target   Iran’s  production and address our need to do our utmost to provide a better and more diversified supply of our materials to our production and industry  .   chemicals in Iran  ,  both in the private   and public sectors  ,  such  as  various  petrochemicals throughout  Iran  and the needs of the international community in order to meet the needs  of  the industrial sectors of other countries   ,  we also show our great efforts .  

  • Import:
    Due to the need of the country in the production of various items and the need to access raw materials that are not available in the country, this business in order to help production complexes in this field will cooperate to import raw materials, and according to the order of the factories, it provides the required items as soon as possible and provides them to those collections.


  • Export:
    Iran is a country with a very high potential in the production of chemical products and raw materials and is very capable in the international arena can met the needs of production units in different countries of the world, so we are proud to be successful in this regard. Let’s talk about supplying to different Iranian factories.

  • Distribution of chemicals:
    Knowing the need of each production unit to provide chemical raw materials for production without worries and confident in its production process, we are confident to use our expertise for this important matter and the best goods at reasonable prices to all units, we offer the applicant’s production and we sincerely support them.

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