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Aluminium oxide



Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide or Alumina AL2O3, also called Bauxite, has a melting point of 2072 degrees Celsius.

Aluminum Oxide has a variety of names such as alumina, corundum, etc. these names indicate the wide range of uses of this material in industry and its main use is for the production of aluminum metal, although this material is also a refractory material ( due to temperature high melting ) is used .

Corundum is the main crystalline form of aluminum oxide found in nature .

Alominum oxide is an electrical insulator but has a relatively high thermal conductivity that changes with temperature. Also, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is high among ceramics, due to the high being an alumina melting point, this material has high heat resistance and stability.

The high hardness of corundum, called alpha alumina, makes it a suitable component for abrasive applications and cutting tools.

Fuse alumina:

The alumina fuse is produced in an electric arc furnace. Fuse alumina has high density, low porosity, low permeability and high melting rate. Due to these properties, this type of alumina is used in the production of abrasive and refractories. Alumina has high hardness. On the mouse scale, the number 9 belongs to Alumina, in fact, it is after the diamond, which has a hardness of 10. Due to the high hardness of this material, it is used in the production

of winning and abrasive tools, and the bullets used in wing, wing are sometimes made of alumina.

Key features of alumina:

High compressive strength, high hardness, abrasion resistance, resistance to chemical attacks by a wide range of chemicals even at high temperatures, high thermal conductivity, resistance to thermal doubt, high refraction, high dielectric strength, transparency is easily accessible to microwave frequency frequencies, and its price does not fluctuate sharply.

Applications of aluminum oxide in industry:

Production of aluminum metal ( %90 of the aluminum oxide produced in the world for the production of aluminum metal ) , production of refractory pipe coatings, production of thermocouple sheaths, production of catalysts, abrasives, refractories and insulators, production of polymer thermal insulation.


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