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Kaolinite with the chemical formula Al2si2o5(OH)4 is a clay mineral and belong to the group of industrial minerals. Stones that are rich in Kaolinite are also called Kaolin or porcelain soil. Kaolin is a type of hydrous aluminum silicate in terms of chemical composition and belong to the clay family. Kaolin is a unique industrial mineral because it has a wide range of neutral PH, is chemically resistant, is white, and has good coating properties.
Kaolin was first known is China and its word is derived from the word Kao-ling meaning high mountain.
Properties of Kaolin:
Plasticity of Kaolin – cation exchange – deflolation – wet to dry shrinkage – raw strength – color after firing – shrinkage of firing.
Uses of Kaolin:
Most of the Kaolin produced was previously used in the ceramic industry, now about 50% of Kaolin is used in paper making, 20% in ceramics and refractories, 10% in rubber, and 20% in the paint and plastics industries.
In the paper industry, Kaolin is used as a filler and coating. In the rubber industry, Kaolin is also used as a filler. Pure and soft Kaolin is widely used in soft rubbers such as rubber tiles and impure Kaolin is widely used in the manufacture of ceramic structures.
The reason for the widespread use of Kaolin in industry is the following properties:
Suitable filler and coating
Chemically, it remains unchanged over a wide range of PH changes
As a suitable absorber of ink and dyes
As a hardener in the petrochemical industry
Having white color that makes it usable as a pigment
Special polish and bleaching properties
Catalytic properties
Having a very good filling and coating properties
Sage softener and its non-abrasiveness
Low ability to conduct electricity and heat
Cheap price

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